To get started with integrating Unbounce with ClinchPad, click on Settings from the top menu.

Select Integrations from the left menu.

Scroll down to find Unbounce and click on Manage Integration.

Click on Integrate Form.

The field "Form Name" can contain any name you want for distinguishing the form.

The field "Lead Name" should contain the field from your Unbounce which you want to save as the name of the lead in ClinchPad. For ex. if you want to have "Name" from Unbounce as the lead name in ClinchPad then populate "Lead Name" with "Name".

Similarly complete the mapping for the rest of the fields if applicable. Once done select the Pipeline and the Stage where the leads should be created.

If your Unbounce form contains fields which does not have corresponding mapping fields in ClinchPad, then you can create custom fields for them. Below is the article for creating customĀ fields-

After you create a form, a unique Webhook URL is generated for each form which you will have to specify in your Unbounce Webhooks.

Copy this Webhook URL and now go to your Unbounce form dashboard. Scroll down to find "Webhook: POST to URL" under Basic Integrations in the right menu as highlighted below.

Paste the URL in the popup that appears. Your Webhook will be created.

Once done, you should see Leads being created in ClinchPad whenever your Unbounce form is submitted.