To get started with integrating Campaign Monitor with ClinchPad, click on Settings from the top menu.

Select Integrations from the left menu.

Scroll down to find Campaign Monitor and click on Manage Integration.

A popup will open asking for your API key. You can find a guide on finding your API key from Campaign Monitor here:-

You must input your Campaign Monitor account API key to proceed forward. Once added, click Next and select a Client from the drop down list. Click on Integrate.

Once done, you will be able to add your contact lists directly from ClinchPad to Campaign Monitor. To do that, go to Contacts.

1) To add a single contact
In the Contacts, you will see an Actions button beside each contact. Click on it and then click on Add to Campaign Monitor in the drop down. Remember the contact will be added only if they have an email ID. (highlighted below)

2) If you'd like to add your contacts in bulk to your list on Campaign Monitor, you can follow the following steps:-

Go to Contacts. Select the contacts that you'd like to add. Now in the menu (under the alphabets sorting), you will find a button visible by the name of Add To. Click on it and then select Campaign Monitor in the dropdown menu.

A popup will open consisting of all your subscription lists on Campaign Monitor. Select your list/lists where you'd like to add this contact to by ticking on the checkbox(s) and then click on Add To Lists button.

Your contacts will be added to your selected list/lists.