Each account created on ClinchPad is assigned a unique ID known as the account wide maildrop id which looks like - h2uvjur@maildrop.clinchpad.com

Mails can be attached to respective leads by keeping this maildrop ID in CC/BCC of the mails you send/receive. ClinchPad will match the recipient's/sender's email id with an existing contact added to your leads and if found automatically attach the mail to the respective lead. Please note, the person whom you are exchanging mails should be added as a contact to a lead for this functionality to work.

To get started with using Account Wide Maildrop with ClinchPad, click on Settings from the top menu.

Select Maildrop Address from the left menu. The address given in the green box is your unique account wide maildrop address. Retrieve this ID.

Now, whenever you are sending out emails to multiple contacts regarding their respective leads, you can CC/BCC this maildrop id with it and ClinchPad will do the rest of the work for you! ;)