To get started with integrating your Google Calender with ClinchPad, click on Settings from the top menu.

Select Integrations from the left menu. The second option from the top will be Google Calender on Integrations page. Click on Manage Integration button beside it.

Click on the blue button with "Link your Google Calender account with ClinchPad" written over it to proceed with synchronizing your ClinchPad todo list with your Google Calender.

In the next page, you can select which calender you would like to Sync your todo's with by selecting from the drop-down menu. After you've selected the calender, click on Set Up Sync blue button.

Your account has been synchronized successfully with the Google Calender. You can manage/change/delete your synced calenders from here.

Alternatively, you can also sync your Google calender by clicking on Todos and going to My Todos. On the left corner there will be a blue button with "Sync with Google Calender" written over it. Click on it and then follow the same steps.

Once your Google Calender in synced, all todos created for your leads henceforth will be automatically synchronized with your Google Calender and then based on your settings there, you can choose to get reminded about your todos before they expire. You can also go directly to the Google Calender and view your todos from there.