You can all of the relevant information about a Lead such as files, contacts, notes etc at one single place.

To enter lead information click on the lead from the Pipeline view,

Once the lead page opens, you will see the following menu items on the left hand side,

1. Activities - See a chronological list of all the activities of the lead
2. Todos- See a list of all Todos for that lead sorted by date
3. Contacts - Attach contacts and organizations to the lead
4. Notes - Add and view notes or information about the lead
5. Files - Upload files in any format pertaining to the lead
6. Emails - Attach emails by forwarding them to the unique Maildrop ID
7. Fields- Add information about the value of the lead
8. Products- Assign products with value to the lead
9. Sources- Define a source from where the lead was acquired
10. Zones- Assign a zone division to the lead